What is ZEEPAY

    ZEEPAY is a secure, cost effective and efficient solution that facilitates electronic funds transfers (bulk or single) across the Zimswitch Automated Clearing House (ACH) using the ISO20022 standard. ISO20022 is a global standard that is fast becoming the accepted messaging standard worldwide across financial services.


    It is the ideal solution for organizations who do bulk payments to suppliers, salary payments and other general payments. It supports same day clearing and settlement of transactions with as many settlement cycles as the market needs.





    Cost effective




    • Affordable and sustainable transaction fees.
    • Reduction of human

    resources to deal with queries and reconciliations

    • Use of existing network


    • Local Support.


    • Same day value processing.
    • Straight through processing.
    • In built dispute management.
    • Self-reconciliation.
    • Use of existing process for
    • Clearing and settlement.
    • Carries all AML information
    • Operates on a highly secure platform thereby reducing fraud



    Examples of Institutions who can use ZEEPAY

    • Banks - manage interbank disbursement and repayment of loans.
    • Microfinance Organisations
    • Insurance Companies - collection of premiums.
    • Corporate clients - disburse salaries with no hassles
    • Utility companies (ZESA, Municipalities)
    • Government agencies (ZIMRA, ZINARA, NSSA)
    • Any other institution that handles bulk payments.


    Follow link to download ZEEPAY Brochure  (link to be provided).